3 Bathroom Design Trends for 2021: A Look Ahead

January 22, 2021

Bathroom design trends are continuously evolving, as homeowners are looking to upgrade their outdated bathrooms into fresh, stylish and spa-like spaces. As the pandemic continues to have a devastating effect on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of adding updates to the home that lead to optimal, holistic health and wellbeing.  

The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s annual Design Trends study highlights styles, features, materials and innovations expected to be most popular over the next few years. The survey included over 700 respondents from across North America. More than half the participants were designers, and the remainder were architects, remodelers, showroom professionals and manufacturers. 

The report included emerging bathroom trends such as larger freestanding showers to accommodate two people with zero-clearance entry, integrated seating and grab bars, larger-format surrounds with fewer grout lines, and linear shower drains. Let’s take a look at these trends and why they will become more prominent in 2021.

1. Larger Freestanding Showers

The NKBA’s trend report predicts larger bathroom sizes and fewer bathtubs. The report indicates that 23% of respondents said bathrooms would become larger by 25% to 49% in 2021. If homeowners decide not to expand their primary bathrooms, professionals see an increasing number opting for a bathtub removal.

Inspired by luxurious “wet-room” spa baths in upscale hotels and health clubs, consumers of all ages now seek to enjoy the same look and feel at home. QuickDrain tub-to-shower conversion kits offer a complete shower solution that streamlines the process of converting a tub to a larger, zero-threshold shower. The kit includes a customizable linear drain body, a waterproofing system, on-site adjustable pre-sloped PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic foam shower panels, and design-matched drain covers. 

Zero-threshold showers are gaining momentum, according to the report, and professionals see homeowners wanting integrated seating and grab bars in showers. QuickDrain’s new shower bench is the ideal complement to QuickDrain’s complete shower solution. The Shower Bench balances elegant style with the universal design and accessibility that is essential to many consumers today.

2. Linear Shower Drains

Linear shower drains are popular thanks to the way they marry style and functionality. A linear drain means cleaner lines in the bathroom, less visual clutter, and added accessibility.

Linear shower drains add a clean, contemporary European feel to a bathroom. Spanning wall to wall at the bottom of the slope, a linear drain creates more freedom for design, as the single slope accommodates large-format tiles or solid surface materials. 

The use of QuickDrain’s linear shower drains offers labor savings, as installers need to only create a one-directional slope, compared with a conventional, four-way, compound slope used with center point drains

In addition, linear shower drain cover designs continue to evolve. Whereas previously a shower drain might be seen as an oversight, there are now designs available to match the stylistic direction of the overall bathroom, complementing different motifs and esthetics.  QuickDrain offers a range of linear shower drain covers in various finishes, including brushed stainless steel, matte black, rose gold, as well as a TileIn cover.

3. Large-Format Tile with Less Grout Lines

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus crisis has reinforced the critical importance of illness prevention and health optimization in the home. Ease of maintenance within showers for homeowners is crucial to enhancing the longevity of any remodeling project. 

Linear shower drains offer the convenience of lower maintenance because, as noted, they can be integrated with larger-format tiles. The latter reduce the number of grout joints and seams where mold, mildew and grime can take hold. The use of larger tiles throughout the room also results in fewer grout joints to impede movement or drainage. 

If you are building or remodeling your shower, incorporate the spa-like luxury and high-end aesthetics available with QuickDrain’s linear drains and complete shower solution.

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