Curbed Shower Design

The QuickDrain Shower Drain System is easily compatible with curbed shower entrances, which serve as a barrier between the shower pan and the rest of the bathroom.

QuickDrain for Curbed Showers

Quick Drain Linear Shower Drain


With QuickDrain, there’s no need to move plumbing or adjust the shower pan. QuickDrain can adapt to almost any existing plumbing condition.

Quick Drain Contemporary Design Trend Square Shower Drain

Curbed Design

QuickDrain square and linear shower installations with a curbed shower entrance can give a bathroom a sense of separation from the rest of the bathroom.

Quick Drain Linear Shower Drain

Flexible Orientation

QuickDrain linear shower drains can be placed in any orientation in the shower, as long as it runs from wall to wall to effectively promote water drainage.

FAQs & Videos

All QuickDrain shower drain systems including ShowerLine, ProLine, WallDrain and SquareDrain can be installed in a curbed shower application.

A calculation of 5 GPM per outlet should be used for drains located at the threshold (entry) of the shower in a curbless application. A calculation of 10 GPM per outlet should be used for all curbless back wall shower drain installations, along with all curbed shower applications.

To determine rough opening, you measure from wall board to wall board.

Waste outlet is determined by the plumbing system in your current application.

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