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ProLine delivers a new level of flexibility in linear shower drains. With a variety of drain waste outlet location options and a customizable drain body, ProLine is the ideal choice for construction jobs that involve specification requirements, including healthcare facilities or hospitality where PVC is not allowed.

QuickDrain Linear Drain Decorative Covers


Engineered to meet rigorous specification requirements in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living.

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Multiple outlet configurations and adjustable height for different tile thicknesses.

Quick Drain Health Care ProLine Shower Drain

Healthcare Application

316L marine grade stainless steel body paired with an ADA compliant cover, ideal for healthcare settings.

ProLine Details

Key Features

  • QuickDrain ProLine linear shower drain bodies are made of 18 gauge, 316L marine grade stainless steel material
  • Ideal choice for healthcare markets, can be used in residential and hospitality as well where customization is desired
  • Internally sloped trough ensures no stagnant water sitting in the trough at any time, eliminating hard water build-up
  • Length adjustability of drain trough with use of trough extensions to accommodate finished openings from 28 in. to 72 in. when using stock lengths
  • Recommend the shower drain cover extend the entire length of the shower pan, which would span from vertical to vertical surface (wall to wall, wall to curb, or wall to partition/glass)
  • ProLine linear shower drain bodies ship with a topical liquid waterproofing kit, liquid solutions sold independently
  • Can also be installed with other waterproofing options, available separately for purchase including hot mop and CPE/PVC liner options
  • Custom shower drain lengths available from 10 in. to 100 in. sizes
  • Side waste outlets, commercial waste outlets, multiple waste outlets and resinous drains available upon request
  • Drain capacity for 2 in. outlet is 12 GPM in a shower pan with curb and 5 GPM in a shower pan without a curb at the entry. Note: actual volume is limited by the plumbing lines and P-trap


Parts / Included

  • Trough Extensions: (2)
  • Two Band Coupling: (1)
  • Height Adjustable Spacers: (4-8) dependent on body length
  • Transition Tape: (1)

  • Inside Corners: (4)
  • Outside Corners: (2)
  • Reinforcement Fabric: (1)
  • Cover Removal Keys: (2)

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Selecting Your ProLine System Components

Choose a Drain Body

Available in 13 standard stock lengths

Custom sizing, outlet orientations and hot mop options are available.

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SKU Rough Opening Dimensions Outlet Orientation Cover Size Required
PLD26-N 28.5" - 32" Centered 32" View Details
PLD27.5-N 30" - 33.5" Centered 32" View Details
PLD30-N 32.5" - 36" Offset 40" View Details
PLD33-N 35.5" - 39" Centered 40" View Details
PLD36-N 38.5" - 42" Offset 40" View Details
PLD40-N 42.5" - 46" Offset 48" View Details
PLD44-N 46.5" - 50" Offset 48" View Details
PLD46-N 48.5" - 52" Center 48" View Details
PLD48-N 50.5" - 54" Offset 56" View Details
PLD52-N 54.5" - 58" Offset 56" View Details
PLD57-N 59.5" - 63" Offset 64" View Details
PLD63-N 65.5" - 69" Centered 72" View Details
PLD68-N 70.5" - 74" Centered 72" View Details

Choose A Decorative Cover & Finish

QuickDrain offers stylish shower drain cover designs and finishes, including the exclusive Michael Graves Cosmo and Stream designs.

Linear Decorative Covers & Finishes

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Identify Shower Pan and Waterproofing Method

Shower Pans

To make installation even easier, consider QuickSlope PET (polyethylene terephthalate) panels, available for both curbed and curbless applications.

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, QuickSlope panels considerably reduce installation time and labor cost when used in place of a traditional reinforced mortar shower pan.



ProLine Assembly kits include standard liquid waterproofing accessories.

Waterproofing Options

  • Topical Liquid
  • Hot Mop
  • CPE/PVC Liner

FAQs & Videos

All ProLine linear shower drain bodies are made of 18 gauge 316L marine grade stainless steel with fully-sloped troughs.

ProLine linear shower drain bodies ship with a topical liquid waterproofing reinforcement fabric kit. Installer will provide a waterproof membrane meeting the standards of ANSI A118.10. ProLine linear shower drains can also be installed with other waterproofing options (available separate for purchase) including topical sheet, hot mop and CPE/PVC liner options if being used with a 2 piece clamp collar base in a mortar bed application.

The main differences between ProLine and ShowerLine linear shower drains are the materials that the drain bodies are made of. The ProLine linear shower drain body is made of 316L marine grade stainless steel. ShowerLine is made of PVC with an integrated clamping collar. ProLine is only compatible with topical liquid waterproofing when attached directly to the DWV. ShowerLine is compatible with topical sheet or topical liquid.

When installed, the top of the stainless steel flange must match the sloped surface to which the liquid applied waterproofing membrane is being applied. Liquid applied waterproofing is topical and must not be applied until the approved QuickDrain transition tape is adhered to the top of the stainless steel flange a minimum of 1/4” to a maximum of 3/8”, this transition tape is supplied in every ProLine linear drain shower kit. It is critical to quality that all linear drains must be installed level in a substrate that will be pitched to meet code requirements (2% slope). Lastly, the QuickDrain reinforcement fabric should be used on every transitional change of plane, joint, and seam throughout the shower footprint during liquid waterproofing application. Liquid waterproofing should be applied and allowed to cure per the liquid waterproofing manufacture’s specifications. If the application steps described are not followed in the installation and waterproofing of the ProLine linear drain, the drain will not perform as designed.

First, to determine which shower drain is needed, measure the opening from wallboard to wallboard. Second, when installing ShowerLine or ProLine, choose the drain that is just smaller than your overall opening. The provided trough extensions will take you wall to wall. When choosing WallDrain, you will choose the next size larger than your reopening. Cut the drain to fit wallboard to wallboard. For SquareDrain, a centerpoint drain, you will chose a pan size larger than your shower footprint and cut the pan to size.

The ProLine and ShowerLine linear shower drain covers are designed to be trimmed to fit the finished dimensions of a shower. The cover would be measured and instruction for method of cutting are listed below. Proper PPE is always recommended.
Angle Grinder: If using an angle grinder, do not allow cover to overheat. Keep the cover cool by wetting while making the cut with appropriate metal cut-off wheel. Ensure wheel is suitable for cutting stainless steel.
Bandsaw: When cutting with a bandsaw, apply painter’s tape to protect pvd/powder coat finish. Ensure blade is suitable for cutting stainless steel.
Hacksaw: When cutting with a hacksaw, apply painter’s tape to protect pvd/powder coat finish. Ensure blade is suitable for cutting stainless steel.

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