QuickDrain Shower Bench Wins Silver in PRODUCTS MVP Awards

December 16, 2020

The new QuickDrain Shower Bench was recently named a silver winner in PRODUCT Magazine’s Most Valuable Product Awards for 2020. The ideal complement to QuickDrain’s complete shower solution, the Shower Bench balances the elegant style the company is known for with the universal design and accessibility that is essential to many consumers today.

PRODUCT Magazine, which focuses on new and innovative building and design products for residential construction professionals, focused their praise on the product’s sustainability. The Shower Bench is made from 100% recycled PET made from plastic bottles. In the words of the judges: “Love the sustainability. Anytime something new is made by reusing waste, I’m all in.”

In addition, QuickDrain shower benches meet the ADA standard guidelines for height, but they also exceed the weight requirement, promoting a universal design for all. The units are simple to install and can easily be trimmed in the field for a perfect fit.

Learn more about the PRODUCT MVP Awards and the QuickDrain Shower Bench.

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