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WallDrain offers the ultimate in shower luxury and design innovation for residential and hospitality applications, pushing performance to its limit. QuickDrain WallDrain linear shower drains are built into the wall, offering a totally concealed and sleek look. The all-in-one assembly kit includes everything needed to bring the shower design to life, while also providing exceptional flexibility and customization. Elevate your shower design with QuickDrain.

Quick Drain designer drain on the wall

Elegance in Design

Open up a world of design visual flow possibilities.

Quick Drain cut out wall drain

Easy Access Drain Cover

A series of magnets allow for simple removal and reattachment.

Quick Drain wall drain completely installed

Clean Lines

Create a seamless visual flow within your bathroom.

WallDrain Details

Key Features

  • WallDrain linear shower drain body gets concealed into the wall for a sleek look
  • Ideal choice for residential and hospitality markets and offered in multiple waste outlet orientations
  • Wall-to-wall coverage promotes effective drainage, eliminates need for centered drain outlet and ensures a visually pleasing installation
  • Drain extensions (24 in. for each side, 48 in. total) ensure wall-to-wall coverage.
  • Drains can be linked together to accommodate larger shower sizes from 96 in. to 144 in.
  • Drain body made of 18-gauge, 316L marine grade stainless steel
  • Drain capacity for 2 in. outlet is 12 GPM (the actual volume is limited by the plumbing lines and P-trap)
  • PET components are made of 100% recycled plastic, minimizing its environmental footprint and helping projects qualify for LEED points​
  • Compatible with liquid waterproofing or hot mop (liquid waterproofing and hot mop accessories not included)​

Parts / Included

  • PET Vertical Installation Panels: (1-2) dependent on length of drain assembly
  • PET Furring Strips: (8-16) dependent on length of drain assembly
  • Adjustment Panel: (1-2) dependent on length of drain assembly
  • Magnets: (5-10) dependent on length of drain assembly
  • Tilein Drain Cover: Included with kit
  • Drain Extensions: (2)

  • WD Nut and Washer: (6)
  • Reinforcement Fabric: (1)
  • Inside Corners: (2)
  • Outside Corners: (2)
  • Transition Tape: (1)
  • Two Band Coupling: (1)
  • Cover Removal Key: (1)
  • Standoffs: (2-4) dependent on length of drain assembly
  • Furring Strips: (8-16) dependent on length of drain assembly

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Selecting Your WallDrain System Components

Choose a Drain Body

Available in 8 standard stock lengths

Custom sizing, outlet orientations and hot mop options are available.

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SKU Rough Opening Dimensions Outlet Orientation Cover Size Required
WALLD48 26" - 48" Centered Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD48-SWO 26" - 48" Centered Side Waste Outlet Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD72 26" - 72" Centered Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD72-SWO 26" - 72" Centered Side Waste Outlet Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD96 56" - 96" Centered Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD96-SWO 56" - 96" Centered Side Waste Outlet Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD144 96" - 144" Centered Cover included with Kit View Details
WALLD144-SWO 96" - 144" Centered Side Waste Outlet Cover included with Kit View Details

Complete Your Shower System

Identify Shower Pan and Waterproofing Method

Shower Pans

To make installation even easier, consider QuickSlope PET (polyethylene terephthalate) panels, available for both curbed and curbless applications.

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, QuickSlope panels considerably reduce installation time and labor cost when used in place of a traditional reinforced mortar shower pan.


WallDrain Assembly kits include standard liquid waterproofing accessories.

Waterproofing Options

  • Topical Liquid
  • Hot Mop

FAQs & Videos

All WallDrain linear shower drain bodies are made of 18 gauge 316L stainless steel.

WallDrain shower drain bodies ship with a topical liquid waterproofing reinforcement fabric kit. Installer will provide a waterproof membrane meeting the standards of ANSI A118.10.

The size of the reveal is fixed by the (2) standoff feet included that are installed on each end of the TILEIN cover as shown in the installation guide (see steps 23 and 24). Since WallDrain and the cover span from a vertical to vertical surface, this reveal is 3/8” along the entire wall with the cover in place. The adjustment panel is fixed in place, but the tile edging component (included) can be adjusted upward to accommodate varying floor thicknesses as shown in step 25 in the installation guide.

The depth of the WallDrain Tile-In linear shower drain cover is 5/16”, which can accept finish material as thick as 1”. Before applying waterproofing membrane to the water-resistant wall board, make all necessary adjustments needed to insure that all vertical surfaces will match the finished stone/tile surface of the concealed drain cover. Tile is installed into the Tile-In cover with use of the transition tape and thinset. A thick material can be fixed in place even if the material exceeds the 5/16” depth of the cover. The magnets are used to locate the magnets fixed within vertical adjustment panel. Then transition tape is applied to keep magnets fixed into place and provide a substrate that thinset will adhere to install tile. For additional instruction, please refer to steps 28-30 in the installation guide.

Each QuickDrain shower drain system uses approximately 300 to 400 recycled water bottles that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

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